lipolysis (Non surgical fat reduction)

With age our metabolisms slows making it even harder to shift unwanted fat. Azallis Cosmedics provides lipolysis treatment as an alternative to invasive surgical fat reduction to clients in the London.

+ Which areas can be targeted?

Lipolysis treatment can sculpt your body and deliver weight loss by effectively eliminating unwanted fat pockets and breaking down cellulite in several target areas, such as;

  • Double chin

  • Upper arm or axilla

  • Upper or lower abdomen

  • Love handles

  • Hip or thigh

+ How does it work?

A bespoke cocktail of medication is created based on the individual needs of the client, this is then injected in the target area. This procedure specifically targets the receptors in fat cells by breaking down the structure that keeps them together, effectively dissolving fat from within.

+ How long does Lipolysis treatment take?

Lipolysis sessions take approximately 30 minutes depending on the area of treatment.

+ How many sessions of Lipolysis will I need?

A minimum course of 3 to 5 sessions is usually recommended however this varies from person to person. The number of sessions you will need can be determined at the initial consultation with one of our fully qualified medical practitioners.

+ Will Lipolysis hurt?

Patients may experience some localised discomfort during the treatment, and a mild burning sensation immediately after. There will be some swelling in the treated area and patients may experience some soreness and inflammation for a few days after the treatment as the overlying skin becomes smoother and tighter. This is a sign that the treatment is working.

+ Are there any side-effects of Lipolysis?

There may be local irritation, reddening of the skin and itching immediately after the injections, this is perfectly normal and should disappear completely within 72 hours.

treatment overview

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Upper & lower Abdoman/Upper arms/Love Handles/Double chin

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30-45 Mins

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From £150


  • Double Chin - £150 per session
  • Upper & Lower Abdomen - £200 per session
  • Love Handles - £200 per session
  • Upper Arm or Axilla - £200 per session

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