ABOUT hyperhydrosis(excessive sweating)

It can be stimulated by stress, hormones, heat, physical activity and exercise and is often hereditary. Normal sweating is essential to regulate our body temperature but for Hyperhidrosis sufferers sweating can become uncontrollable and embarrassing, impacting negatively on psychological and emotional wellbeing.

+ How is excessive sweating (Hyperhidrosis) treated?

Under-arm injections are an effective and safe treatment to reduce the symptoms of underarm hyperhidrosis and reduce sweating by 80%.

A small amount of a natural toxin will be injected into approximately 15-20 sites in the underarm area, this temporarily paralyses the nerves that trigger off sweat production.

+ How long do the effects of Hyperhidrosis treatment last?

The treatment typically lasts up to 6 months, however 30% of patients still feel the effect after 8 months.

+ Will the treatment hurt?

As with any injection, patients may experience a slight sting, a topical anaesthetic can be applied to prevent any pain.

+ How soon will I see results?

The reduction of sweating starts within a few days of treatment with full results evident after 10 days.

+ Are there any side-effects?

Anti-sweating injections will be administered by a fully-trained aesthetic practitioner and therefore it will be an effective and safe treatment for hyperhidrosis. Side-effects are rare but with any injection procedure there may be temporary bruising, pain or itching at the area treated.

+ Is it safe for everyone?

You should inform Azallis Cosmedics of any allergies or medical conditions you may have and any medication you are taking. This treatment is not suitable during pregnancy, breast feeding mothers or anyone with blood coagulation disorders. A complete face-to-face consultation will be carried out before any cosmetic treatment to fully understand your unique circumstances and needs, this helps us to progress with the most appropriate course of action.

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30-45 Mins

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